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Welcome to the Home of AIRO, The nations Leader in 7v7!

**Upon completed Coach registration, coach will receive a customized player registration form link for you to provide your players in order to complete in any upcoming events. THERE IS NO FEE FOR  PLAYERS TO REGISTER. Please note ALL players MUST complete this registration form link you have provided them in order to be eligible for event play.***  

As a coach, adult member, adult manager or adult supporter of a participating team, who will participate in an AIRO Sports Management Event/Program, I hereby release AIRO Sports Management from any and all liability as a result of any injuries which may occur during my participation. I fully understand that as a coach or adult member of a participating team, I am responsible for any all medical expenses that may occur, directly or indirectly, as result of my participation or as a result of any injuries, minor or substantial, related to my participation.

I also consent to AIRO Sports Management use of my image, likeness, name, identity, picture, or personal data. I understand that such information may be used in any format such as television, print, electronic forms, video and web, any for and all promotional material. I also understand that this right to use my likeness will exist forever with AIRO Sports Management and that AIRO may use such information in the near future or distant future. I also consent to any partner, sponsor or advertiser of AIRO Sports Management having the same right and usage to the above information. 

Lastly, I acknowledge that I am bound by the AIRO Sports Management event rules and policies related to any of its events/programs, published or unpublished, and any directive from an AIRO staff made during the event. I understand they have the final authority and interpretation of such rules and policies. They alone govern the event and may, within its discretion, eject any player, coach, parent, parent supporter, or any spectator from the event if he or she violates the company’s event rules or policies. Such termination of privileges may carry over to other AIRO events depending on the severity.